Thursday, February 20, 2014

Triple Zip Pouches

I just finished participating in a Triple-Zip Pouch Swap on Flicker.  It was lots of fun.  The pouches are based on the tutorial found here.  I did make all of my pouches an inch longer than the tutorial called for.  I think I am going to make the next one wider and taller.  They are fun to make and the possibilities are endless.   I have several more that I want to make.  I think they will make great gifts for friends especially if they are filled with chocolate.....
 I had fabric in my stash with these cute quilting sayings on them.  I have a few more that I hope to make before the month is over.  The fabric is by Moda from the line Bobbins and Bits.
I am not happy with how the back turned out but I did not feel like ripping it out.  I will make changes to my pattern the next time I make this. 
 This explains why my sewing room looks the way it does.  Why is it so hard to put the fabric back where it was neatly folded once it has not made the "final cut" when pulling fabrics to audition for ones project?

 Here is the pouch I sent of to my partner - I am hoping that she likes it.  I filled it with goodies before I sent it off.  I hope she likes it.
I hope to get lots of sewing done this weekend - I have over 100 half square triangles to square up.  Yippee - (I may or may not look for more fabric before tackling that task)  Linking up with Amanda Jean   for finish it up Friday and Sarah for Can I get a Whoop Whoop?    
Thank you for stopping by.  If you had been participating in this swap which one would you have selected?


  1. Beautiful! I love projects that uses salvage. I made a sewing machine cover using salvage too. Good luck squaring up your HST, very time consuming, LOL

  2. Hello Cindy,

    These little bags are completely fabulous - your swap partner will be thrilled. They are so well made - perhaps I should make one as a way of getting over my zip phobia. The second one has the motto that most definitely appeals - my sewing room looks as though a bomb has hit it.

    Love from England,

  3. Beautiful them! Thanks for sharing Marie (

  4. How adorable! LOVE the sayings, what a clever idea :) I never run with scissors by the way. . . and I always put stuff back the way I found it. . . NOT ;) haha I need to spend a day organizing . . . since I did not put it back the way I found it after pulling for THREE projects. . . . VERY messy LOL

  5. These are all so beautiful! Your partner will be really happy

  6. Oh that purple and blue one at the bottom is absolutely lovely! I love how the back looks so serene and precise.

  7. How darling! What lovely alterations to the tutorial - ie. I love the extra piecing you did! Very nice!

  8. love the back of the pouch with the grey and the pops of colour!