Friday, November 8, 2013

Tammy's Quilt

I have managed to complete another unfinished project.  Last year two of my close friends were hinting that they would like quilts for Christmas or birthday's - Thankfully it was close to the holidays and I let them know that I was not very fast and it would take me months. - Not because I don't sew enough....  I just get very distracted and take on too many projects.  It would be helpful if the designers did not come out with a different fabric line that I "have to have".

I took my sewing machine with me to Hawaii this summer.  It was my hope that I would get a lot of sewing done in the evening and in the afternoon when I was not supposed to be in the sun.  Of course it was a dream to sit on the lanai and sew in the shade while watching my kids argue in the pool...  well not the arguing part but my sewing view improved greatly.
Tutorial is from Leslie Unfinished

Finished Top
Close up of the quilting- I need to learn another quilting pattern.  I think fear of ruining the quilt is holding me back.
Since I have completed one friends quilt - I am committed to finishing the other quilt prior to Christmas.... I made a list to see how many things I needed to complete prior to Christmas this year.  The list has me somewhat paralyzed. (How did it get so big?  How did I take on so much....) I need to stop thinking about it and just finish it.  I am hopping I am not shopping on line in a major panic on the 20th but it appears I do have a plan B.

This week I am linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts  for Finish it up Friday.   I hope to have several more finishes next week. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Goal for November....

Is to finish this quilt.  It is a birthday gift that must be delivered before this month is over..... especially since they were expecting it last November.  I am linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes  The quilt pattern can be found here - Lotus Pattern

What are your goals for November?