Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Well Traveled Quilt

Its hard to believe that it is once again time for the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  This fall I am showing off a quilt that took me about 10 months from start to finish. - we will not discuss how often it was tossed off to the side.  It may have taken me 3 months to sew the binding on....  Since I am not good at naming or labeling my quilts I came up with the first thing that came to mind.  I cut the fabric in Washington at a friends house,  It was pieced together in Oregon and Alaska.  I had it quilted by Melissa in Utah and I am taking final pictures of the quilt in Minnesota. 

I based my pattern loosely on this pattern Desert Arrows by Leah Duncan  I made the pattern larger (I need to STOP doing this)  I changed the border.  I am also incapable of following my own plan.  I took several pictures once I was happy with the layout  I then managed to sew several of the blocks and a few rows upside down.   I did lots of unpicking and then I reached the point where I was just done.  It took me another month or two to piece the back. 

I took several pictures of this quilt while I was making it.  Do I have many to show you?  No,  it appears in my zeal to clear up space on my computer I deleted all of my pictures (insert choice words here).  I did find a few on my phone. 
One of the ways I made this quilt bigger was by adding my own border of flying geese to the sides in a random manner.  I found a tutorial online and then I shrank it down - because that is the cuter/harder way to make your quilt bigger.   
Top Prior to quilting

Lexi my quality control assistant and thief of thread

Back of quilt 
Close up of the quilting 

I for one am so happy to be off work for a few days.  I am going to spend some time with my kids sightseeing and doing fun things in Minnesota.  I will also have extra time in the evening to look at all of the wonderful inspiration done by others this week.  Hopefully I will not add too many projects to my never ending must do list.  Thank you for stopping by.   Please check out all of the other wonderful talent at Crazy Mom Quilts and Bloggers Quilt Festival
Quilt Stats:
Size:  96 X96
Fabric:  Dear Stella Mercer Collection, Kona Snow, V&Co, other solids found in stash
Pieced by:  Cindy
Quilted:  Melissa Kelley
Pattern Idea:  Leah Duncan

Friday, October 3, 2014

Rainbow Pillow

I managed to finish up the cathedral window pillow I started at Camp-Stichalot two weeks ago.  I had a friend who wanted to learn how to make this block so I did some of my cutting before I went and I took lots of scraps with me.

I had a mishap with my text fabric - I had bought a bunch of black and white text print.  I ran out while cutting my initial squares.  I went back to my local quilt store and bought what I thought was the same fabric.  It was not.  It was black and cream.  I then needed to make another trip to buy the rest of the black and cream text print...
Here is a progress shot  I lost a square on my way to the ironing board.  When I took my class with Bari she could not express how much she loved glue basting.  I must say it was a huge game changer for this application.  I am not sure I will use it for other things but who knows.  It really stopped the squares from moving around on me when I was turning over the edges to sew down the curves. 

I finished the back of the pillow with a simple envelope closing using straight line stitching about every 3rd of an inch. 

The only thing I am not overjoyed about is my green squares.  I used more blue than I should have.  So I do plan on making another one of these this winter.  I plan on donating this pillow to the next Crafters for Courage Auction.   This finished up at 14 X 28.
Thanks for stopping by.  When I get off work tonight I have an unrealistic list waiting for me.  Hopefully I can cross at least one sewing item off by Sunday.     Linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday.