Friday, April 25, 2014

It started out simple

My daughter wanted to take a class at my local quilt store - it was a class for cathedral windows.  She just turned 13 this week and while she is good at sewing but I was not sure she would have the patience for the class - she persisted in harassing me so we both signed up.  At the beginning of the class she was excited - an hour later when we were still pressing and folding she started shutting down.  It had too much prep work to keep her interested.  Below is the pillow I made in class.

After I made this pillow I really wanted to try something else. - I saw this pillow by Josh and Paise  I think it is absolutely amazing.  I wanted to see if I could make one similar.  The process was somewhat frustrating - I ripped out my first attempt as the proportions were off.

I wanted more pale yellow and less of the medium orange - I spent almost 2 hours carefully ripping out and redoing the center to move it all a quarter inch.  I have less of the medium orange, more of the bright orange and just a tad bit more of the pale yellow. IF I was to make this pillow again I would make more changes to my measurements..... However I am not in a hurry to make another one of these anytime soon. 

I used the Rosco Color Stack  the color is a little off in this picture - I was just so happy the sun was out.  I even got to spend some time on this chair over the weekend working on my EPP project. 

I used the left over fabric scraps to piece the back.  I saw a picture that Elizabeth Hartman posted on Instagram the other day and thought it would be fun to try.  I then did straight line quilting on the back.  I am having a hard time giving up this pillow. 

I have a friend who just moved away and I wanted to make her something for her new home.  She told me her new living room is going to be all cream and grey.  - The  joys of not having teenagers who destroy living areas.
Below is where my daughter left off on her pillow.  I am hoping I can get her to finish it soon.
She would be very angry if she knew I was posting a picture of her pillow top - she was not happy with her points.  I kept telling her to relax and enjoy the process - she looked at me and asked why I was always muttering/saying bad words and ripping things out.... I think it looks really good - of course I am biased

I only have one more pillow to make this week - at some point I thought it would be a good idea so EPP 120 hexagons together, then decided I wanted to inset the whole thing within a larger hexagon.  I had to order more fabric as I made a cutting error.  I hope to show pictures of that pillow soon.  I have reached the stage where I just want it done.

I am linking up with Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

You + Me Quilt

I am so happy I finally finished my You + Me Quilt.  I started this quilt at Sew Down in Portland.  The pattern is by Heather Jones of Olive and Ollie .  I used Kona Silver, Pea Pod, & Cyan.  I had originally done a different square in the center of the quilt, but when I was getting ready to put the back on I thought it would be fun to have the backing match.  It was a pain to rip out the center square but I am glad that I took the time to do it. 
 I love how I was able to find the perfect fabric backing - I love the back even more as it hides several of my quilting errors.  It took me over a week to quilt this.  I have no idea how many bobbins I used I was so happy to be done.  I swore off circle quilting - of course I am working on a different quilt (in my head) and I think the bubbles would be perfect for that.  I just love the texture. 
Close up of the quilting - After it was washed
Quilt before it was washed.
Quilt on hotel bed (its normal to travel with quilts to take pictures) I took a quick trip to Seattle to visit a friend and we spent some time on Bainbridge Island shopping.  We stopped by Pink Chalk Fabrics and another local fabric store Esther's Fabrics .  We also sampled fresh fudge and ice cream.   - That is a requirement when traveling.  I helped her get her new sewing machine set up and when I left she was well on her way to completing her first quilt top.  I don't think her husband is overjoyed.  Originally he thought it would be great - then we came back with fabric and needed to rearrange her living room for fabric draping/placement and he felt is space shrinking...... I told him it would get better.  I don't think he believed me and I think it is best that he has never laid eyes on my sewing room,
 Here is the progress I made this weekend on my EPP pillow - I am enjoying it far more than I thought I would.  It has convinced me to begin making a throw sized quilt - I may or may not scale it back to a pillow.  Sadly I am back home dealing with snow and work. 

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