Friday, January 10, 2014

First finish for 2014

I actually started and finished something in less than 4 days!  I can only hope the rest of my projects go so smoothly this year.  My inspiration came from this quilt done by Molly found at Purl Bee.  To make the quilt I used a jelly roll from my stash and paired it with some Kona Natural.  I may just do another one of these before this month is over.

I decided to practice quilting loopy L's. It went much quicker than I thought it would and was fairly easy for me to do.  The quilt is backed from some flannel from the same line.  After washing the back became super soft. 
I have been slowly tackling the task of cleaning and organizing my sewing room.  Sadly I now know that it is possible to spend over 12 hours folding 1/2 yards and fat quarters ~ and not be done.  Below is a picture of the organized section of the room. 
Before moving on to organize the other side of my sewing room I took some time to read a few blogs aka procrastinating....  I happen upon a post from Little Island Quilting that struck a cord.  I certainly am not lacking fabric.  I have made a few fabric pulls and I am now working on a quilt  to send her way.  I can always finish cleaning my sewing room next week....
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  1. Visiting from crazy mum quilts. Wow that is super fast quilt - 4 days. Would love to see some close up shots of the loop quilting.