Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where is summer....

I am waiting for sunshine and warm temperatures..... something tells me I am going to be waiting longer.  The pond is up an running but it has been too cool to leave the door open.  Each pump moves over 12,000 gallons of water an hour - I wanted it to look and sound like a real stream.

As you can see the tulips are just starting to bloom.  We are having a late start due to the record snowfall this year - over 11 feet down the hill. - Not a record I ever hope to see again or even get close to.   Looking out the window this winter you could not tell I had a fence.  The fence is 6 feet tall.  I am hoping that my vines will bounce back.  We had some pretty bad storms and 2 of my 4 trellises fell over damaging several plants and trees.  I hope to have better pictures once the flowers start to come in.  I have Clematis, Hops, Kiwi, and Rhodochiton growing on various structures in the yard.

Forget-Me-Nots and Poppy's in bloom - Hosta and Iris are beginning to emerge.

Viticella Venosa (purple)& Markhams (pink) Clematis

I cant remember the name but it is the only one the moose did not eat.  Grrrr (shade garden) The front yard is not fenced so I am frequently at odds with the moose.

One of my favorite shade plants - the leaves stay spotted all season.

More flowers in the shade garden

With all of this cooler weather that I love so much....(I love the sun and heat) I have been able to get a few more indoor projects out of the way.  I find it hard to weed when it is cold, windy and cloudy.  I will need to force myself to weed otherwise the horrid horse tails are going to win.

Top of quilt for twin size bed.

I am hoping for warmer temperatures and sunshine this week.

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