Friday, May 25, 2012

Mr.I's Quilt

Here is a quilt for my nephew. The first quilt I made was for my sister - of course it was an experiment.  To make a long story short one of the fabrics was not right.  I was not sure how to fix the quilt.  My nephew came over for me to help him make a pillow.  The frog fabric he had was the perfect fix for his moms quilt.  I quickly went to the store to get more frog fabric.

It took  me forever to quilt her lap blanket - it took me two weekends to cut and piece together.  It took me over 5 months to quilt it!  It became sort of a joke of course I had never quilted anything before so it was a learning process.  When I presented it to her she was very happy ~ until her son saw it.  It has HIS frog fabric in it and it had to be for him. Mr. I even hid her quilt for her just so he could wrap himself up in the blanket.   His birthday was less than a month away so back to the store I went. I did not really have a plan.  I just needed to find fabrics that would match his frog fabric (that they no longer had)  Thankfully I still had some left over.  The pattern I used is called the boyfriend quilt and it can be found in the book Modern Mix by Jessica Levitt.

The quilt took me two weekends to cut out, piece and quilt!  So I did much better on my timing then with my sisters.  Of course who wants to disappoint a 9 year old on their birthday.  I like the quilt much better without the quilting.  I should have used a light thread.  However, I know that he does not care he is just happy to have his own quilt that matches his frog pillow.

Before Quilting

After Quilting

Back of Quilt

Frog Fabric

I am currently working on two quilts for friends.  I don't anticipate getting much done on them this weekend as I am hoping for nice weather so I can work in the garden. 

View inside my greenhouse looking out at the garden.  I don't have any flowers outside as it is still getting down to 37 degrees most nights.  It looks like I am going to see tulips bloom before the weekend is over.  My goal for the weekend is to get my water feature turned on and plants out on the deck.

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